I believe that communicating clear expectations for every member of your firm is essential. By doing so, we can hold everyone -- from entry level to the executive suite -- accountable for the results they deliver. Your policies and procedures are a part of that communication: if they’re not providing optimal support for your business, they’re not getting the job done. I believe human resources should provide structure, not bureaucracy, and functions best when it provides clear guidance on how to handle everyday issues. You don’t need to know all of the options, just the best ones for your budget, timeframe, and corporate culture.

I believe in solving problems before they arise. Conflicts and complaints require immediate attention, but a more crucial question to ask is: why did this happen? Even when there is no legal risk, issues like these offer opportunities to diagnose underlying organizational or management problems I believe that policies and procedures need to be written in clear language tailored to your firm’s business and culture. There is no ‘ideal’ policy manual, each company has unique needs. While I have worked in and for large Fortune 500 companies, my expertise is with the small business owner.

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